Powerups can be found in any race, except races that dont allow powerups. Powerups are the things that help you with your race progession. When the race is too hard, the powerups can help you with it.

There are a list of powerups that can be found in the game, some can be helpful, some can be dangerous to others.

To use the powerup, simply press SPACE button.

Powerup listEdit

Here are lists of powerups that can be found throughout the game.

Powerup name: Slick

Usage: Dangerous

Special: Drops a black oil puddle, spinning cars around that run infront of it.

Strategy: Watch out for black oil puddles, these are slicks. So Drive to the side. the ones you drop stay on the corse so be careful of hitting it on your second lap

Powerup name: Pulse

Usage: Bothersome

Special: A circle of purple ring will fire out from the players kart slightly knocking away other karts

Strategy: Not really much use it can slightly knock off another kart thats trying to overtake you but thats about it, the range is too small and effect neglagible.

Powerup name: Boost

Usage: Useful

Special: Boosts the player, giving the opportunity to win.

Strategy: Use this when your in 2nd place and a player is about to win.

Powerup name: Boost x3

Usage: Useful

Special: Gives the player 3 boosts. A very useful chance.

Strategy: Use this when you are in 4th place

Powerup name: Shield

Usage: Useful

Special: Makes a shield that protects the player from getting bumped.

Strategy: Use this when someone likes to bump you.


  • Althrough there is a secret powerup, which makes the kart fly. Controlling the kart itself at a very high speed.
  • While having Boost x3, getting another boost will remove the 3 boosts.