The Garage you start off with

The garage is the hub of all your racing, its where you store your karts and make money to help fund your racing career.

Service baysEdit

There are 3 kinds of service bays in the game which allow you to put your staff to work and earn money, each bay has 3 jobs that you can choose from. it costs 10 fuel to complete a job at a service bay.

Wash bay

  • Wax - 30 mins
Costs: 500 coins
Reward: 20 exp, 800 coins
  • Car Wash - 4 hours
Costs: 1400 coins
Reward: 50 exp, 2000 coins
  • Full detail - 24 hours
Costs: 2000 coins
Reward: 120 exp, 3200 coins

Service Bay

  • Refuel - 1 min
Costs: 100 coins
Reward: 10 exp, 300 coins
  • Oil Change - 1 hour
Costs: 1000 coins
Reward: 30 exp, 1400 coins
  • Engine Service - 8 hours
Costs: 1600 coins
Reward: 60 exp, 2600 coins

Wheel Bay

  • wheel alienment - 5 mins
Costs: 250 coins
Reward: 15 exp, 400 coins
  • Hydrolics check -  2 hours
Costs: 1200 coins
Reward: 40 exp, 1700 coins
  • Tyre Change - 12 hours
Costs: 1800 coins
Reward: 70 exp, 2900 coins

If you click one of your friends cars outside and do the job they want you will gain extra cash roughly 20% more then a normal job.


there are several ways you can upgrade your garage, getting more staff, expanding the size, decorating, increasing number of karts ect.

Workers - You start off being able to have 2 workers, you and alex. to get more people working at your garage you must reach the level to unlock more workers and invite a friend to fill that position, extra workers unlock at levels 3,6,9,12,15,18 giving a total of 8 people including yourself.

Kart storage - You start off being able to store 3 karts at a time, but this can be upgraded for 8 cash to increase your storage size, up to a total of 30 karts, if you dont want to spend money on more storage space you can just sell off older karts. it is impossible to collect every single kart in the game as there are currnetly 41 karts (as of may 2014) and only 30 spaces at max.

Her garage

Alex's garage.

Land space - You can expand the amount of land that you can build on for 10 cash meaning more room for decorating or more service bays to reap in the money, the picture here is of the npc alex's garage which is quite impressive considering she works for you..